About The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies

The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, Limited (the Association) was founded in January 1990 with the aim of maintaining the standards of professional property management, and to provide its members with the benefit of a representative negotiating body in discussions with government or other bodies relating to the interests, rights, powers and privileges of the members, or other matters of common interest. The Association promotes continuing education to its members and other interested parties, to cooperate with similar organisations to uplift the service standards, while establishing the Codes of Conduct and management procedures to safeguard the owners and public interests.  The Association has 99 members who provide quality service for over 70% of the resident units, various commercial buildings, car parks, and private and government facilities in Hong Kong among those that hire property management companies.

About the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Established in 1984, The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is the only surveying professional body incorporated by ordinance in Hong Kong. The HKIS has a membership of over 10,000 members, including more than 6,600 professional surveyors. The Institute's work includes setting standards for professional services and performance, establishing codes of ethics, determining requirements for admission as professional surveyors, and encouraging members to upgrade skills through continuing professional development.

The Institute has an important and responsive consultative role in government policy making particularly on issues affecting the profession. The HKIS has advised the Government on issues such as unauthorized building works, building safety campaign, problems of property management, town planning and development strategies, construction quality and housing problems.